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Based on Leonardo's extensive experience with parcel and baggage handling systems, and delivering turn key projects including sorters, electrical and automation infrastructure, control (SAC) and monitoring (SCADA) systems, the company has developed a proprietary high level IT solution for Baggage Handling Systems (BHS) called EasyAirport.

This was designed following the IATA recommended practice 1800, which allows management of all the functionalities related to baggage handling – for outbound, transfer and inbound bags.

EasyAirport is organised into different application modules: each module matches one of the baggage process’ functionalities. Due to this modularity, new functions can easily be added with minimal impact on existing operations.

The solution allows the management of all the sorting processes, planning and flight assignment. The software provides operators with the information for the system management including the option to search data collected and stored in the system (reports, statistics and diagnostics).

The suite of Leonardo products is developed to provide full turn key solutions: all the control systems and the Baggage Reconciliation System are ready for the integration with the upper-level IT systems of airport information technology infrastructures, through standard protocols.

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