Customer Care

Remote Support: through Leonardo’s remote assistance service, we can take charge of the problem and follow it up to complete resolution. Leonardo is able to provide a Hotline service worldwide thanks to the support of skilled employees that have gained long-standing experience. The Hotline service consists of two levels of support: the first level is the “Help desk”, the second level is the “Design Support”. In case a system malfunction is not restored through the Hotline, Leonardo will respond quickly to send an expert directly on site.

Spare parts: thanks to an optimised lean process capable of satisfying high levels of performance at low costs, Leonardo Automation is able to ship the required spare parts sets quickly on site.

Customer Care: a dedicated structure aimed at the needs of the customer who can always count on a contact person for both technical and commercial issues. Support is 24/7.

Training: Leonardo Automation has set up a training centre that enables ad hoc training courses to be carried out on the basis of the individuals needing the training.

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