Leonardo has developed a range of systems and solutions for fully automated logistics hubs, aimed at improving our customers’ operational processes.

As a unique system integrator for the postal and parcel logistics industry, capable of designing and supplying automated handling systems for any format items, Leonardo offers a complete range of sorters for flats, packets and parcels.

The flagship of Leonardo Automation's offer is the Multisorting Suite: a family of innovative cross-belt sorters for packets and parcels, ideal for ensuring optimum handling and routing of a large variety of cartons, flats and bags.

The Multisorting Suite is based on cross-belt handling technology, which is the preferred technology for ensuring optimum handling of all articles, including objects that are fragile, have high friction surfaces or are irregular in shape.



Leonardo Automation has developed a new sorter machine expressly designed for e-commerce market, the Multisort500: the cross-belt parcel sorter, designed to handle medium-sized parcels and packets.

Multisort600 and Multisort800

Multisort600 and Multisort800 are innovative cross-belt sorters designed for logistics, courier and postal applications. They include a series of innovations and improvements that position the products as to of the most advanced, high performance propositions in their category.